Operating Room, Registered Nurse   PRN


Operating Room Nurses have multiple skills such as proficiency in the Pre-operative Setting, Intra-Operative Setting, and PACU.  The nurse provides direct and indirect patient care in the SURGICAL/CLINIC setting throughout the preoperative process:  Communicates with Physicians/Nurse Manager/CRNA, as appropriate, about changes in patient’s condition or response to treatment including results of diagnostic studies.  Additionally, is able to perform general nursing duties in all areas including Central Sterile, and Outpatient Clinic.  The registered nurse performs patient care with efficiency and compassion, providing the patient with confidence in his or her care.  The registered nurse will ensure that aseptic technique is followed in all procedures and that the patient’s safety is of the utmost concern.  

Primary duties are as follows:

  Pre-op, Intra-op, and Post-op care with the patient and family

  Documenting patient care, care plans and vitals as necessary to the procedure

  Is be able to start IV and prepare patients for surgery

  Is able to demonstrate knowledge of equipement in the operating room

  Assists anesthesia as needed

  Conducts an OR efficiently, taking care of the surgeon’s needs as they arise

  Has knowledge of policies and procedures

  Recovers patients post-operatively

  Assists the surgeon and passes instruments during surgeries

  Has ability to apply sterile gown, gloves, set up sterile fields and apply sterile drapes to patient

  Has knowledge of all equipment and instrumentation used in the Operating Room

  Has knowledge of preserving different types of specimens per policy

  Keeps patient’s family updated as necessary throughout the procedure

  Monitors and documents all aspects of patient care

 Performs pre-op teaching for every patient prior to an invasive procedure to prepare them for the procedure

 Takes call after hours for emergency cases; have to be within 30 minutes of hospital when on call.

Additional skills of Operating Room Registered Nurse:

  Coordinates procedure scheduling with the various physician offices

  Reviews medical history with each patient prior to procedure

  Provides discharge teaching, as necessary, so that each patient will feel comfortable once they are discharged from facility

  Promptly notifies physician of any changes in patient’s status during the patient’s care and modifies treatment plan       as indicated

  Maintains aseptic technique during all procedures

  Has knowledge of multiple types of drug therapies via multiple routes ie: intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, and invasivel lines (central line, PICC line, port-a-cath). This includes knowledge of procedure of lab draw and flushing the lines, caths.  

Has knowledge of large variety of drug therapy administration specific to Oncology Patients

Has knowledge of multiple different treatments through the OP Clinic from physician offices such as, blood transfusions, IV therapy, etc.


Education/Experience Requirements:

Graduate of accredited school of nursing

Current license in NC, certification in ACLS, PALS, and BLS.

Minimum of one year experience required; OR experience preferred.

Adheres to dress code, appearance is neat and clean.

Attends at least 75% of staff meetings annually, reads and signs all monthly staff meeting minutes if not present.

Basic computer knowledge.

Has working knowledge of N.C. Nurse Practice Act.

Licensure/Certification Requirements:

Current NC RN license, ACLS, PALS, and CPR certification required.