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Where is the hospital located?

Alleghany Memorial Hospital is located in the heart of Sparta, North Carolina. Please click here to access our contact information

Does Alleghany Memorial Hospital take my insurance?

What services does Alleghany Memorial Hospital Provide?

Alleghany Memorial hospital provides a wide range of services from basic care to cutting-edge treatments and procedures. To view a comprehensive listing of our services, click here.

How do I schedule an appointment and how long should I expect to wait to be seen?

Contact your primary care physician to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. The wait time varies depending on the specialty, but typically we can get our patients in with a two-week period.

How long should I expect to wait in the Emergency Room?

The average wait time to see an ER physician at Alleghany Memorial Hospital is 15 minutes.

What should I bring with me for my stay in the hospital?

During your stay at Alleghany Memorial Hospital, you will be provided with an admission kit, which includes a water pitcher, soap, facial tissue, toothpaste, toothbrush, powder, lotion, comb, washbasin and mouthwash. A hospital gown will also be provided. We encourage all of our patients to bring anything that will make them more comfortable and pleasant. Please feel free to bring reading materials, a robe, slippers, or other items. We request that you leave jewelry, purses, billfolds, and other valuables at home. Any electrical devices brought to the hospital will have to be inspected by the Maintenance Department and approved before being placed in the room.

What is a “Swing Bed” Program?

This is a Medicare program designed to provide additional skilled care to those needing extra time to heal before returning home.

The Swing Bed unit allows patients to move from acute care to skilled rehabilitation within the same location as their acute care stay. This ensures continuity of care for patients who require nursing care by keeping them with the same doctors, nurses, and therapists.

To learn more click here (link to Care Management)