Environmental Services, Assistant

POSITION SUMMARY: (Define the basics of the position)

Environmental Services Aid I (ESA I) completes discharge room cleaning as patients are released from hospital. Perform "7 Step" and “10Step Cleaning” procedure, in all patient care areas and public areas as assigned. Collects regular trash and /or biohazard trash as assigned. Answers pager calls as needed, and assists with assigned projects as required. The ESA I is on the front line of customer relations with patients, family members and visitors as they are working directly in the patient care areas. This calls for a professional who is a well-trained individual to fulfill this roll. The following list an overview of the ESA I duties:

  1. Prepares patient rooms for admissions. Cleans discharge rooms as assigned. (7 Step and 10 step Cleaning   Procedure)

2.   Collects trash and linen as per OSHA guidelines.

3.   Answers codes with a sense of urgency.

4.   Performs general cleaning duties as assigned.

5.   Assists with training and orientation of new employees added to ES as assigned.

6.   Attends in-services, orientations, and workshops as required by ES manager.

7.   Stocks supplies as needed.

8.   Assists in the ordering of supplies by comminuting to manager when supplies are low.

9.   Maintains an attitude consistent with Alleghany Memorial Hospitals and Environmental Services policy’s and procedures. Is professional and shows a caring attitude to patients, family members, guests, and hospital staff.

10. Is teachable, and willing to perform duties as assigned.


Education/Experience Requirements: (Define the education and/or experience that is required for the position, may list any preferred items that are not mandatory.)

1.  Education: High school graduate preferred.

2. Experience: None required. Some previous institutional cleaning experience preferred.

3. Licensure/Certification: None required. ES Certification can be offered by Manager at Alleghany Hospital.

4. Special qualifications: Willing to learn in the field of institutional cleaning. Able to work around people who are sick. Able to work according to schedules as needed.

Full Time