People You Know, Care You Trust, Here When You Need Us


The Staff at Alleghany Memorial Hospital are committed to providing exemplary care and treating each patient like family. Our healthcare workers display an inherent, undeniable level of care and compassion that makes our facility unique. “This hospital is bursting at the seams with so much love and talent,” stated one patient’s family member. “ [The staff] demonstrated a level of compassion that we’ve not seen in the medical profession,” remarked another. “We ever felt like a number or just another patient,” she concludes.  

Our employees provide the finest care in Northwestern North Carolina with an unrivaled personal touch.

Furthermore, AMH has received a national award for patient satisfaction “Exceeding Patient Expectation in Service Quality,” from Avatar International, Inc. for the last ten consecutive years. Customer Service Standards promoted by the hospital are based on safety, trust, compassion, and responsiveness.  Residents of Alleghany and surrounding counties know that at AMH you will find people you know, care you trust, and that we will always be here when you need us.




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